A new update is available for Samurai Bringer. We don’t have the version number but do have the full patch notes. Check out the complete breakdown for this update below.

  • Added Minamoto Yoshitsune and Musashibō Benkei
  • Added books that allows the player to review past Tips
  • Redisplays the Tips messages when you reapproach the Master
  • Added scarecrows that allow players to store and retrieve arms and combat techniques
  • Added new Well feature
  • Added a new feature for when players swap to a Brave General’s arms, picking up the dropped Susanoo head allows players to revert back to their previous loadout.
  • Changed certain aspects of the Brave General arms that are borrowed from the base
  • Added the ability to dash in the base
  • Master, Blacksmith, and Merchant Arms will appear in treasure chest and at the Merchant when their requirements have been met
  • Adjusted options and configs
  • Added the ability to lock in a fixed viewing angle in the options menu
  • Added Invincibility Frames at the start of a Step
  • Added the ability to survive with 1 HP when guarding
  • Decreased the amount of SP consumed when guarding
  • Decreased the enemy Samurai’s maximum SP
  • Eliminated cooldown time when guarding
  • “Adjusted the amount of damage taken when taking consecutive damage *Susanoo only” “Added ability to survive with 1 HP when taking consecutive damage *Susanoo only”
  • Adjusted the algorithm that determines when Brave Generals appear from treasure chests
  • Added special aura around particularly strong Brave Generals
  • Made enemy samurai behavorial AI smarter
  • Decreased the amount of damage taken when falling off the platform at the Yamata no Orochi fight
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the initial tutorial to become stuck.
  • Adjusted the light vortex’s spawn conditions
  • Added keyboard controls display when in Action Builder
  • Fixed a bug in which the passive skill “Bloodsuck” reduced your HP even during times when you are unable to act, e.g Great Demon cutscenes, etc.
  • Adjusted the SP damage stats for Evil type attacks
  • Changed the way you aim guns/bows with the right stick
  • Players can no longer move the camera in the first scene of the opening
  • Fixed a bug where arms could be duplicated when exiting the game with the Gear Builder open
  • Fixed a bug where the UI of the Secret Scrolls would not be displayed properly in certain resolutions
  • Fixed misconfigurations of some Combat Techniques

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