Artist releases a 15-track album for the GBA

The best audio format, obviously

28 July 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Plenty of old-school formats music formats are seeing a lot of love in recent years. Vinyl is back and doing better than ever, and even cassettes are coming back into style. Remute is clearly a fan of older formats, which is why he’s released his latest album on a platform that hasn’t seen any action in a very long time…the GBA!

Okay, so the GBA isn’t exactly the first device you think of for playing your favorite music, but clearly it was on Remute’s mind! That’s why he’s releasing Unity, a 15-track album you play on the GBA, complete with visuals to go along with the music! This 32 MB cartridge can be played on absolutely anything that has a GBA slot, which means it’s time to dust off that SP and crank up the volume!

The album releases on August 5th, 2022 and you can pick up the GBA cartridge version for €34.99, or a more traditional vinyl release for €44.99.

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