A special collaboration is on the way for Sky: Children of the Light. Developer thatgamecompany has revealed that they’ll be teaming up with singer/songwriter AURORA for something tied to the game. They didn’t share specifics on what the project will be, but they did share a teaser trailer, which you can watch above.

The only other official details we know about this collaboration comes from the description for the trailer, which reads as follows:

“As the storms fade, AURORA brings more light and music to the realms.”

AURORA herself also shared a statement on the collaboration, which you can find below.

I value human connections and being true to one’s emotions. My experience with Journey as a player and Sky as an artist showed me we share a similar perspective, and I am thrilled to be a bigger part of the Sky community.


When can we expect to hear more details on what this collaboration’s all about? thatgamecompany said they’ll have more to share at the Tokyo Game Show in September.

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