New demos are now available for Fragment’s Note+ and What Lies In The Multiverse in Japan and Europe, respectively. You can find more details about each game below.

Fragment’s Note+ is a remake and a port of the Fragment’s Notes series, which includes a fully voiced story with improved graphics. The games included are listed below:

  • Fragment’s Note (2012)
  • Fragment’s Note 2 Side: Shizuku (August 2013)
  • Fragment’s Note 2 Side: Yukitsuki (February 2014)
  • Fragment’s Note: After Stories (August 2014)
  • Fragment’s Note Memories: Exclusive Mini Scenario (November 2014) – Japan-only

You can download the demo now on the Japanese eShop. Visit the official website for more information.

What Lies in the Multiverse is a story-driven 2D adventure that one could call a dramatic comedy. Filled to the brim with hilarious, cartoonish hijinks, the narrative also presents the player with mature and deep themes like death, envy, and obsession.

Things inevitably go batshit crazy very fast in the Multiverse when you discover the ability to travel between parallel worlds. These worlds are alternate versions of each level and differ in aesthetic, theme, and physicality. Switching between them allows you to solve logical and spatial challenges and to progress the story.

You check our review of the game here, and download the demo from the European eShop.

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