The first Pikmin Bloom in-person event for North America just happened a few weeks back, and it seems that was just the start of the fun. Niantic has now confirmed a second in-person event for Pikmin Bloom in the states, and it’s taking place August 13th, 2022.

The next Pikmin Bloom Community Day is set for Aug. 13th, 2022, and now you can gather with friends and other Pikmin Bloom fans at real-life events to hit that 10k goal! The in-person events run from 11 AM to 2 PM local time, but remember, you have all day to reach 10k steps!

You can head to these locations on Aug. 13th, 2022 to check out the next Pikmin Bloom events.


  • The Seaport (near Niantic branded tent)

San Diego, CA:

  • Balboa Japanese Gardens

Seattle, WA:

  • Woodland Park

Those who head to one of the in-person events will be able to pick up special Pikmin Bloom sun visors and other swag. All you have to do to qualify for those goodies is walk 5,000 steps at the event.

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