Capybara Games have announced that Grindstone has just received the Cosmic Darkside update today. This update includes remixes of Grindstone’s first 60 levels, a completely new cosmic horror-themed world to explore with new enemy creeps, new resources, new items, and so, so much more.

The Cosmic Darkside update is Capy’s unique take on a New Game + mode for Grindstone. It puts a series of new challenging twists to the levels of the original game in a new cosmic horror-themed world, starting in this update with the original game’s first 60 levels. Upon completing level 200 of the main game, players will be treated to a new cutscene that will establish the strange world Jorj and Jorja will be transported into.

In the Cosmic Darkside players will be introduced to two new enemy types, the Cosmic Creep and Cosmic Jerk, who come with a new infection mechanic that when not killed fast enough will explode and infect other nearby Creeps, Jerks, and Grindstones. These enemies and the introduction of cosmic infection bring a new crafting resource in the form of Osmium, a volatile resource if left on the board for too long that can also be used to craft new cosmic gear and can even infect Grindstones, changing them into Cosmic Grindstones that will also explode and continue infecting the board if left uncollected for too long. When Jorj or Jorja themselves are hit by a Cosmic Creep or are infected, a special piece of Osmium with a heart around it will appear, and if collected fast enough players will then be able to regain the heart they lost when first attacked! With the infection mechanic, there will also be new level goals and methods for unlocking gates in the Cosmic Darkside. All of this should provide the most dedicated stonegrinders out there with quite the new challenge to tackle in a new otherworldly setting.

The complete rundown of what’s included in today’s update is as follows:

  • New map progression including 60 remixed levels with new goals
  • New story content, including a new cutscene
  • The new Cosmic Darkside themed map
  • Updated fast travel map to include Cosmic Darkside content
  • New Cosmic Creep and Cosmic Jerk enemy types
  • New Osmium, Infected Hearts, and Cosmic Grindstone resources
  • New level goals and map progression
  • New Cosmic Darkside specific challenges at the Howling Wolf Inn
  • All new Cosmic gear set and blueprints (Cosmic Arrow, Cosmic Spinny Sword, Cosmic Spiked Shield, and the Hazmat Suit)
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