While there are no doubt millions of Xenoblade fans excited to dive into Xenoblade Chronicles 3 today, there’s bound to be others who are jumping into the franchise for the first time with this new installment. I personally know how daunting it can be to dive into an RPG for the first time, but it’s even more stressful to do that with the latest installment in an ongoing series! Thankfully, Nintendo is here to help.

Nintendo wants to make sure they ease newcomers into Xenoblade Chronicles 3, so they’ve put together 10 helpful tips to ensure a smoother onboarding process. Don’t worry, Nintendo stayed very far away from spoilers with this guide, so you can read up without fear of things getting spoiled.

If you’d like a leg up in battles or a few pointers on how to get off the ground running, you can check out Nintendo’s feature here.

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