We’ve got a bunch of news on patches for Into the Breach. First up, the Switch version has been updated to Version 1.2.75. You can see the patch notes for that version below.

  • Critical bug fixed: There was a chance the final mission would soft-lock during the environment step.
  • Critical bug fixed: MacOS launch bug fixed
  • Fixed: Touch devices cannot unlock the Frozen Titans
  • Crash fix for the Cataclysm drill weapon
  • Crash fix for the statistics screen
  • Cataclysm Squad achievements now correctly award coins
  • Fixed: AE bosses would appear even if “New Enemies” was disabled
  • Fire / Sand tile animations when being target have been restored
  • Enemies will no longer target Walking Bombs after they have died
  • Colorblind mode fixed for threat stripes
  • The Satellite Tiles can no longer “crack”
  • Mech Colors will correctly unlock
  • Fixed bug that would reset some Pilot Skills when traveling to a new timeline
  • Fixed achievement exploitation for Heat Sinkers
  • Mafan can no longer attain Technician or Masochist skills
  • Fixed: Heat sinkers in lava would continually trigger the fire SFX
  • Maximum Firepower and On the Backburner Achievements fixed
  • Disposal Unit will now ignore the Smoke Effect
  • Dung Beetles will no longer arrive on the Mines Mission
  • Mosquito Boss now correctly flies (sorry!)
  • Friendly Cannon tooltip fixed
  • Hydraulic Lifter Mod Tooltip corrected
  • Other minor tooltip fixes
  • Minor text fixes
  • Minor rendering fixes

Along with that, the game’s next patch was also detailed. Version 1.2.76 is coming sometime in the near future and will include the following tweaks.

  • Fixed: Control Mech targetable spaces would be inaccurate after an “Undo Move”
  • Vek Eggs objective will no longer be added to Conveyor Belt missions
  • Core Game Alpha Vek will correctly spawn now (sorry!)
  • Completing the game on Unfair will correctly unlock the “Hard Victory” achievement
  • Achievement Screen will now display the correctly unlocked squads on Mobile
  • “On the Backburner” Achievement fixed
  • Fixed: Cataclysm Squad victories will correctly count towards achievements
  • Corpses correctly teleport now
  • Reduced odds of some unfortunate enemy combinations (Plasmodia + Other “spawners”)
  • Teleport Pads can not longer be “cracked”
  • No Survivor achievement exploits fixed
  • Miner Inconvenience will correctly catch more cases of mountain destruction
  • Fixed: Burrowers would sometimes not burrow, and fire would not clear immediately upon burrowing
  • Enrage Shot’s targeting UI improved + can no longer make rocks, etc. to attack
  • Armored Train hitting Mechs will appropriately remove the corpse in all situations
  • Vek Mites will count as removed if the Mech falls into a chasm
  • Fixed cases where Conservative would not correctly give the player additional weapon uses
  • Fixed some UI damage prediction inaccuracies
  • Fixed another repeated SFX bug on lava
  • Webbed un-moving objects (like Renfield Bombs) can no longer be moved with Control Shot
  • Earth Mover will no longer destroy buildings on new maps
  • Text problems fixed
  • Tooltip inaccuracies fixed
  • Minor rendering bugs fixed

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