It took Kirby literally decades to get his first fully-3D outing, but it finally happened this year with Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Thankfully, all the time spent waiting was worth it, as Kirby’s 3D debut was absolutely fantastic, marking it as one of the best Kirby titles yet.

Obviously the pressure was on when bringing Kirby into the 3D realm, and the dev team certainly knew that. In an interview with Nintendo Dream magazine, Kirby and the Forgotten Land co-director Shinya Kumazaki and designer Yuki Endo spoke up about the pressures, challenge, and uncertainty of being able to create a fully-3D Kirby game.

Kamiyama: There was certainly a lot of pressure that we couldn’t possibly get this wrong. There was a feeling that ‘If this doesn’t land, then it would be a long time until we had another chance to work with HAL Laboratory on another 3D game’, so we were so happy that we made it successfully.

Endo: When we first started making the game, there were a lot of doubtful voices within the company; ‘Is a 3D action Kirby game really something we can do?’. But amongst the voices of ‘Let’s make the next game 2D too’, were Kumazaki and Kamiyama who said ‘Let’s go 3D!’. While thinking ‘Can we really do this?’, we made the first few images and then I was able to understand for myself ‘Yes we can!’. We made sure to keep that great feeling of knowing we can do it, in the forefront of our minds when making the rest of the game.

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2y ago

Hope they can appreciate the great game they made and feel proud.

red knight

2y ago

They hit a home run in my opinion.
Such a fantastic game.


2y ago

Kirby and the forgotten land is such a great game, best kirby alongside epic yarn