We’ve gotten to see a sneak peek at Doctor Strange in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, and we also were given the character’s history in the Marvel universe. Now it’s time to see what the master of the mystic arts can actually do with this new gameplay showcase.

Stephen Strange started his career of saving lives in a very different way: as a world-renowned, but arrogant, brain surgeon. Tragically, he was forced to retire from medicine after a near-fatal car accident mangled the nerves in his hands. Unable to perform the precision work that had consumed his life, Stephen ultimately sought healing from the Ancient One, a mystical master of reality-bending magic.

Realizing that the Ancient One could not fix his hands, Strange instead poured himself into studying the arcane arts, and after years of tutelage under his mentor became as adept with sorcery as he had once been with surgery, becoming the Sorcerer Supreme. As Doctor Strange, Stephen now acts as a sage, occult advisor, and Master of the Mystic Arts, using otherworldly magic and ancient artifacts to protect the world from devastating arcane threats.

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