You’ve probably been everywhere there is to be in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. You’ve explored every inch of Hyrule Castle, wandered around Zora’s Domain, and hiked the entirety of Death Mountain. Still, there are some areas in the game that you can see in plain sight, but you can’t quite reach them. Ever wonder what secrets those areas hold?

In the video above, we get to see some weird areas in Ocarina of Time explored, thanks to help from some hacking tools and more. Sure, there might not be any amazing secrets hiding just out of bounds, but it’s still interesting to see these never-traversed spots up close and personal. There’s still something quite strange and unsettling about these locations, and setting foot in them is equal parts interesting an unnerving.

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2y ago

I do love these kind of videos that look at things we were never meant to see in games.