The original Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater is iconic for a number of reasons, and the game’s soundtrack is definitely one of them. That set of sounds will forever be ingrained in the memory of players, and it even helped influenced those people to learn more about the bands included. Decades later, those tunes convinced one group of superfans to start a band to pay tribute.

The 900 is a Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater tribute band, and they just held a gig in London. Plenty of fans showed up to hear covers of classic THPS songs, and one such fan floored everyone in attendance. None other than Tony Hawk himself showed up to hear the tribute band. Not only that, Hawk took to the stage and performed two of the songs as well!

Tony shared a few kind words with the crowd during the performance, which you can read below.

“Thank you for having such reverence for [the songs in our games]. It’s really been my biggest honour to have these games carry on for so long and, hey, we’re keeping it going right? I had to join the party!”

[Tony Hawk]

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