Neko.Works revealed that the second episode of the JRPG series Light Fairytale will be released on August 18th, 2022, for the Nintendo Switch. The first episode was already released on April 28th of this year. This series contains a total of four episodes, the third episode is planned for Q4 2023, and the last episode still does not have a release date. Visit the official website for more information.

About Light Fairytale Episode II:



Light Fairytale is a turn-based Japanese-style RPG series featuring a modern presentation with a classic core.

Episode 2 resumes the adventure right after last episode’s cliffhanger. Play as Haru and Ayaka as they uncover the mysteries of the deeplands while looking for a way to reunite with Kuroko, meeting with a mysterious silver haired girl along the way.




A beautiful woman who likes taking care of the almost extinct ‘flowers’.


Mysterious Girl

A cryptic, silver haired girl with fierce words and deeds hiding a fragile heart.


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