Digimon Survive is the latest target of review bombers

Can Digimon Survive the onslaught?

01 August 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 2

Plenty of games have been review-bombed in recent years due to all sorts of silly and serious reasons. Sometimes gamers are upset about how storylines are handled, the state of a game at launch, the lack of certain features, and so on. Unfortunately, it seems most review bombings stem from mob mentality and so-called political issues, but the latest example is a bit different.

Digimon Survive is currently under attack, with the game being bombarded on Metacritic. It seems the bombing is due to expectations for the game and what ended up being delivered. This is related to how Bandai Namco originally marketed the game versus what players get in the final release.

When Digimon Survive was first announced, Bandai Namco stressed the tactical RPG elements while noting there would also be visual novel content. As the game inched closed to release, Bandai Namco seemed to stress that the experience would be more heavily-geared towards the visual novel content with some tactical RPG moments sprinkled throughout.

Fans who aren’t completely up-to-date on the game have picked it up and were surprised to see so much visual novel content. Clearly this isn’t what they wanted or expected, so they’ve taken to Metacritic to share their dismay. Others are trying to swing the reviews back in a positive direction, as they say Digimon Survive is a great experience even if it has more visual novel content than anticipated.

It’s certainly an interesting conundrum. Are the fans who are upset with the visual novel content right to feel that way, considering the game’s early marketing? Are they in the wrong because they should have done more research before purchasing? Are the frustrated players taking the valid points an invalidating them by blasting the game with zero scores?

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Review bombing seems like such a waste of time. If you don’t like think you’ll like a game, then don’t buy it.


2y ago

Review bombing seems like such a waste of time. If you don’t like think you’ll like a game, then don’t buy it.


2y ago


Nothing is a waste of time if you find value in it. If something has made you upset I'm sure you would want to express that feeling from time to time. This is a very soft way to do that in comparison to many other scenarios I've seen other people do when they don't like "thing".