Innersloth nearly gave up on Among Us in 2019

From dead in the water to cultural phenomenon

01 August 2022
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Among Us became an absolutely phenomenon of a game in 2020, dominating pretty much every online space. There were Twitter memes, countless YouTube videos, Reddit discussions, and so much more. The game saw an incredible wave of popularity that it’s still riding today, which makes it even crazier to think that it almost all ended in 2019.

While Among Us hit it big in 2020, the game actually launched back in 2018. Those early years for the game were rough, with developer Innersloth struggling to build an audience for the experience. The team wasn’t making any money on the project, and after adding the game’s third map in 2019, they were ready to call it quits.

Developer Marcus Bromander elaborated on this in an interview with Visionaries.

“We’d done enough bug fixes that the game functioned and we were like alright, that’s it. No more, time to work on something else.”

Shortly after this we saw Among Us start to take off thanks to big-name streamers showcasing the game. As they say, the rest is history. Now Among Us is absolutely massive and has legions of fans around the world. Sometimes it takes a perfect storm of elements to find mainstream success, and thankfully for the Innersloth team, that combination happened organically in 2020.

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