Developer Wonderscope and publisher Team17 has announced that their community simulation game, Hokko Life, will be released physically and digitally for Nintendo Switch on September 27th, 2022. Hokko Life was first released for PC in Early Access during the summer of last year. It takes clear inspiration from Animal Crossing, but it has many unique gameplay aspects to differentiate itself. Check out the latest trailer above and details on Hokko Life below.

Hokko Life invites players to customize and cultivate their very own cosy community, with mini-games, friendly villagers, and an intricate design tool all coming together to create a charming environment for players to put their own stamp on.

Throughout its time in Steam Early Access, Hokko Life has been regularly expanded with new content and gameplay mechanics including:

  • The Farming Update – Added a new area to the game and gave players the opportunity to flex their green fingers.
  • The Village Chic Update – Introduced over 250 new hats, masks, glasses, and other accessories.
  • The Super Shopper Update – Enabled players to visit a new city center location.
  • The Narrative Update – Overhauled the introduction of the game, and introduced four new friendly villagers to Hokko Life.
  • The Mayor Merits Update – Enabled players to complete activities in game in exchange for “mayor merits” that unlock perks designed to make life in Hokko a little easier.

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