Over 5 years after the Switch launched, the system is still setting records for Nintendo. There have been countless franchises that have achieved their highest individual sales on the Switch over those 5 years, and now we can add Xenoblade Chronicles 3 to the list.

After just a few days on the market, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has now achieved the best launch sales for the entire series in the UK. That means no other Xenoblade physical release in the UK has been met with a better reception out of the gate. You couldn’t ask for a better launch than that!

We don’t have the exact figures on how many copies were sold, and it’s likely Nintendo won’t share those details. Just remember that this achievement only pertains to physical units sold, so the actual reception at launch was even stronger when you consider digital figures!

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the schaef

2y ago

And still no remake of or sequel to X on the Switch.


2y ago

While that's great, is it all that surprising? The original game came out on Wii, while brilliant, it had no pedigree or brand recognition behind it. XCX released on Wii U, we'll leave it at that. XC2 released in the first year of Switch. Whereas XC3 has an install base of 110+ million customers to reach. I'd like to hear the numbers sold, but Nintendo won't tell us. Let's see if it reaches number 1 in the UK charts. I don't know if it faces any big competition.