In recent weeks, Nintendo fans have been getting a bit anxious when it comes to Splatoon 3. The game is roughly 5 weeks out from launch, and we haven’t learned all that much on what the threequel has to offer. While it would be lovely to hear more, we at least now know Nintendo has been keeping some details under wraps.

While we don’t know if the Big N is going to share a full breakdown on Splatoon 3 prior to launch, we can rest easy knowing the game is going to have plenty of new content. A tweet from Nintendo Germany showed off an infographic for Splatoon 3 that made mention of the game including ‘new modes and more.’

It seems like a sure-thing that Nintendo will host some kind of presentation or big info drop for Splatoon 3 prior to launch, but that’s just our own speculation. Again, thanks to the tweet today, we know there’s tidbits to reveal! If/when Nintendo decides to turn the info faucet from drip to full-force, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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2y ago

I'm not feeling any hype for Splatoon 3. Didn't for 2 either. The announcement of additional paid DLC again doesn't help either. I enjoyed the original very much on Wii U, but to me it just feels like more of the same. We'll see what the new modes are.


2y ago

Good to hear there is more coming, would love more mode, maybe a capture the flag?
Regardless, they showed off the new version of Salmon Run, so I'm super excited for this game. I just loved Salmon Run!