Rockman Battle & Fighters is a Capcom-developed fighting game for the NEOGEO Pocket Color that was released exclusively in Japan over 20 years ago. In a surprise turn of events, the game is now available for Nintendo Switch, though the title of course has been changed from Rockman to Mega Man for the purpose of localization. Priced at just $7.99 USD, the game is part of the established NEOGEO Pocket Color Selection from SNK. Check out the eShop page here for screenshots and more details.

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17d ago

To me, this is a big deal. Not only was this Japan-only, it was fully in Japanese. Now, based on the title and last screenshot, they took the time to translate/localize it. It may not have been a lot of effort, since its arcade big brothers are already in English, but it was still an effort. I really appreciate stuff like this.


16d ago

I take a little of it back. Menus and such are NOT localized into English, but the instruction manual is, so at least you can navigate a little easier. I’m a little disappointed, but still happy I picked it up.