NBA 2K23, like previous NBA 2K installments, is making its way to Switch. The game will launch on Sept. 9th, 2022, and in advance of that release, 2K is sharing some more details on what fans can expect. Not surprisingly, 2K is looking to enhance the overall experience with a host of new gameplay features, as well as tweaks and adjustments to standard mechanics.

According to a new dev blog from 2K, it looks like NBA 2K23 is going to make an insane amount of improvements to the gameplay experience. No stone is being unturned, with nearly every area of the game seeing some sort of rebalancing. Of course, there’s plenty of brand-new elements in the works as well. Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect.

  • expanded offensive gameplay
  • upgraded Pro Stick
  • new dunking commands
  • double throw and switchback gestures
  • several new layup packages
  • new gesture combos
  • major dribbling changes
  • Adrenaline Boosts.
  • more authentic shooting
  • huge number of new shot animations
  • five new shot meters
  • new Spot Up pass mechanic
  • shot defense overhaul
  • on-ball defensive movement and body ups refreshed
  • new indicator on the ball handler when in guarding position
  • refined shot blocking
  • new and improved ball strips
  • new MyPLAYER experience
  • new gen badge system
  • new finishing and shooting options
  • new playmaking and defense/rebounding options
  • Team Takeover redesign
  • overhauled AI

All of the changes and additions have been painstakingly detailed by 2K in a new blog, which you can read in full here. The blog also features a few more gameplay clips like the one above. Just remember that while gameplay features shown will be present on Switch, the footage itself does not come from the Switch version.

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