A few days back, we shared word of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 taking first place on the weekly UK software charts, making it the biggest launch of any Xenoblade game. We didn’t have detailed stats to go along with that announcement at the time, but today brings us a wealth of information on the RPG’s achievement.

We now know that Xenoblade Chronicles 3 beat Xenoblade Chronicles 2 by just a handful of units, so it was a very close fight. Even more interesting is the fact that all three mainline Xenoblade games on Switch have sold roughly the same amount at launch.

When it comes to revenue, Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 generated more money during their first weeks than Xenoblade Chronicles 3. As you might have guessed, the two previous titles both had special editions available day one, which are quite a bit more pricey than the standard release. Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s special edition has faced setbacks in releasing, so that extra bit of revenue wasn’t available at launch for Nintendo/Monolith Soft.

Finally, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is the fifth biggest Switch game launch of the year in the UK. Ahead of it are Pokémon Legends: Arceus, Nintendo Switch Sports, LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga and Kirby and The Forgotten Land. That said, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 did manage to sell more in its first week than Mario Strikers: Battle League.

Remember, all of this data pertains to physical numbers only. Nintendo doesn’t release sales data on digital downloads, so we’ll never really know just how much the eShop side of things adds to the equation.

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