Project X is a mysterious game that Retro was working on for a few years, but it never came to be. While details on just what the game was remain vague, we now have some serious insight into what led to the project getting scrapped.

In a KIWI TALKZ interview with former Retro dev Paul Tozour, we learn that Project X seemed to be plagued by issues from the start. The biggest problem stemmed from there not being a clear vision for the game, and that bled into pretty much every area of development.

Tozour found it incredibly frustrating to work on the project, as there were so many undefined elements of the experience that he struggled to put anything together. This general lack of direction early on snowballed into bigger issues down the road, eventually leading to a situation where the game had no real chance of amounting to anything. Thus, Project X had the plug pulled, never to be seen.

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