Soundfall gets free Summer update today

The hottest update of the Summer!

04 August 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

The Soundfall dev team has announced that a free Summer update has just gone live. This update contains 22 new tracks to enjoy, along with a host of tweaks and fixes. You can see a full breakdown of the new songs and patch notes below.

New songs added:

  • I’ve Found My Way - Hallman feat. Elwin
  • Did It Again - oomiee
  • Murmansk Underground - OTE
  • Wanna Level Up - Vincent Vega
  • Lobster Polska - Rune Dale
  • Raise Your Swords - Trabant 33
  • Settle Your Regrets - Non-State Actor
  • Misery, Killing Me - No Sons of Mine
  • Bass Station (bLiNd v Sonik Mix) - SonikBuster feat. bLiNd
  • Deep Space Samurai - Forever Sunset
  • Space Out - Vincent Vega
  • Jubilation - Jules Gaia
  • Zoo Zoo - Martin Landstrom
  • The Happiest Days - J.F. Gloss
  • Twisty Roads - Sight of Wonders
  • Bioluminescence (Late Night Nostalgia Mix) - SonikBuster
  • Bit Fight - White Drift
  • Inner Stress - Autohacker
  • Beholder - Ruzer
  • Dancing with the Devil - Bonkers Beat Club
  • Get Out of My Way - Tape Machines feat. Vicki Vox
  • Wasn’t Even Close - Velveteen feat. Astyn Turr

Patch notes

  • Added new quests associated with Song Pack 1
  • Added a “Featured” tab to the Free Play menu that showcases newly added music
  • Changed Extreme and Lethal intensity unlock quests to remove the story completion requirement
  • Added Ping display to Multiplayer menu and Pause menu for non-host players
  • Added “Replay Mission Dialogue” option to Options Gameplay tab to allow players to disable replaying of dialogue when replaying missions
  • Added a simple “Teleport to Teammates” keybind action that teleports a player to an area near their teammates if they are having trouble getting through an area
  • Prevent the Tutorial level from confusingly granting a mission reward medal
  • Fixed reset to default keys to correctly re-add secondary keybinds
  • Stop score/kills/etc from updating in UI after mission complete as it won’t affect rewards
  • Fixed Smasher’s Fissure knockback not respecting players’ knockback resistance
  • Several miscellaneous fixes for level stuck spots and potential progression blocks

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