GalaxyTrail has officially revealed that the Switch version of Freedom Planet 2 will launch in Summer 2023. The developers claim that the game has reached its final stages, as they are preparing to launch it on PC first on September 13th, 2022. Additional language options will be available alongside the Switch release.

About the game:

Freedom Planet 2 is a new game from GalaxyTrail, LLC, sequel to the breakout hit Freedom Planet. This is an independently developed video game created from the skills and talents of multiple like minded developers, artists, voice actors and writers. In Freedom Planet 2, Lilac, Carol and Milla team up with their once rival Neera to face a new threat awakened by the destruction of the Kingdom Stone. As Bakunawa rises, will the girls be able to stand united while their friendships and loyalties are tested by the secrets about to be revealed to all of Avalice?

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2y ago

Man, so basically another year wait? Ugh. Well, we've had to wait this long, so what's another year I guess...