DANGEN Entertainment has announced that The Witch’s House MV, a Japanese horror RPG, is making its way to Switch. We don’t have an exact date for the game, but we do know it’ll arrive at some point in 2022.

The Witch’s House MV, originally released in 2012, falls within the tradition of Japanese horror RPGs with heavy emphasis on puzzle-solving and jump scares. The Witch’s House is deliberately designed with traps at almost every turn. Sudden death is unpredictable and keeps players on their toes. Among other entries in the genre such as Ib and Ao Oni, The Witch’s House surprised fans with pixel-art that conceals truly frightening horror.

With completely remastered visuals, The Witch’s House MV will feel fresh to even the most familiar old-school fans. Fans will also be greeted by a new difficulty mode that includes new events upon completion of the base game.


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