Actor Zachary Levi is well-known for his roles in Chuck and the Shazam series, but now he’ll be remembered by Nintendo fans as yet another person who faced serious injury after playing the Wii.

In an interview with IMDB, Levi spoke about a Wii-related injury he suffered during a particularly intense round of Wii Sports. The situation involved some Wii Sports Tennis, an overenthusiastic Levi, and a perfectly-placed light fixture.

“Okay, so what happened was – the Nintendo Wii had basically just come out,” said Levi. “I unboxed it, it was like midnight. Me and a couple of buddies, and there are screens that come up before the game that say “hey make sure there’s nothing around you” so we moved the couches like into the backyard, my entire living room was totally empty so we could be playing baseball and tennis and all that kind of stuff, and we were having a gas until about 2 in the morning, when we were playing tennis. I go to just Sampras this one over and what I failed to recognize is that I had a light fixture that was within arm’s extended reach right above me, it doesn’t say look above you in the opening screens – it says make sure nothing’s around you. And so I smashed through this glass this thick and like a half dome. I smashed through it and glass just exploded everywhere in the room. Then I dropped my Wii controller and it dangled from my wrist while blood started dripping from my hand, and I was like that’s one for the ages. And then I had to tell an ER doctor at 3 in the morning why I was in the ER.”

I can certainly think of a few times I bumped my hand or arm into a piece of furniture while playing the Wii, but nothing that put me in the hospital. Anyone else out there meet a terrible fate after playing the Wii?

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2y ago

Around you includes above and below, yeah? That does sound gnarly though. Lucky he didn’t lose a finger