A few hours back, dataminers revealed a list of potential Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Course Pass tracks that might be included in future DLC waves. Today, we have even more details on the next rounds of DLC.

Dataminer Fishguy6564 may have discovered how many courses are coming from each Mario Kart installment. This doesn’t give us more track names, but does give us an idea of where each track might be coming from.

  • SNES: 2
  • N64: 1
  • GBA: 4
  • GameCube: 4
  • DS: 3
  • Wii: 5
  • 3DS: 2
  • Tour: 12
  • ???: 7

Again, this list is certainly not official. Obviously, the most confusing detail is 7 tracks coming from an unknown source. Could these be brand-new tracks that Nintendo is cooking up right now?

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the schaef

2y ago

The thing that surprised me this morning about the new tracks is that they weren't adapted to include hover sections. There's nothing that requires that, and the tracks are just fine as a straight port, it just took me by surprise because there are little bits and pieces of hover worked into the "original" retro tracks.

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2y ago

So if true, the totals come to:
N64: 6
GBA: 8
GCN: 8
DS: 7
Wii: 9
3DS: 7
Tour: 15
??? (Presuming this is MK8 originals): 32


2y ago

Wario Coloseum and Daisy Circuit, please


2y ago

@the schaef

Exactly. These tracks are like a copy and paste job. There's no hover or anti grav portions. Even the SNES/GBA remakes of tracks had more originality and fun put into them than these versions. The new tracks are lacking in the quality, fun and creativity of the original MK8 tracks

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Only a small few previous retro courses had anti-grav. It’s far from the norm to have anti-grav included in retro courses.


2y ago

I'd guess the 7 unknowns are ones they haven't determined yet. I suspect that number to be eliminated/reduce when the next DLC courses hit.