Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak introduced a lot of new content into the world of Monster Hunter, including Followers. Followers are powerful allies who hunt alongside you during a quest, and having them at your side for a battle can make all the difference.

In an internal Capcom interview, developer Junyeol Lee spoke about what led to the creation of Followers, and what the team was trying to achieve by adding them. You can see his comments below.

It started with Yoshitake Suzuki, the Director, saying he wanted to have a sort of “Buddy Hunter” that would fight alongside the player. So we threw lots of ideas around and we figured that it would be the most fun to hunt together with the characters that appear in the world of Monster Hunter, and they wouldn’t just be characters you would be fighting alongside with, but they would actively join in on other elements of the hunt as well, and that’s how we ended up with the concept of “Followers.”

We tried out a lot of gameplay and content ideas as well. Ultimately, we wanted players to really feel the connection between these characters, so we added dialogue to the start and end of these quests, and even conversations between the Followers, to give more life to the characters.

[Junyeol Lee]

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