Valve may not work with Nintendo a lot, but they sure love supporting Nintendo’s controllers. The Switch Pro Controller got Steam support years ago, and just a few weeks back we saw Steam officially support the NES/SNES/N64/Genesis Switch controllers. Now it appears the Switch Joy-Con are on Steam’s todo list.

The newest Steam beta supports Joy-Con as a method of input, and that includes both solo or joint use. As this is just the beta, it’ll be awhile until Valve adds Joy-Con support to Steam in general, but it’s very clear they’re working hard on the task right now.

You have to wonder if any devs will take advantage of this by making control schemes specifically for the Joy-Con. You’d imagine it’d make sense for those releasing games on both Switch and Steam!

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2y ago

Huh I thought Steam already supported Joy-Cons. It does support the Pro Controller.