Kirby Café Nagoya is the next Kirby Café set to open, and fans will be able to check it out in-person starting Sept. 15th, 2022. Reservations for the Cafe will kick off on Aug. 12th, 2022, and they’ll be taken until Nov. 30th, 2022. Kirby Café Nagoya is a limited-time location that’ll close its doors permanently on Feb. 5th, 2023.

Kirby fans can expect an experience much like the other Kirby Café locations, including special menu items, merch, and plenty of Kirby décor. Delectable treats include a Waddle Dee-printed burger, a hot dog with fried shrimp served inside Kirby’s mouth, and a Kirby-decorated peach parfait with a glass you can pay extra for to take home.

Kirby Café Nagoya will be on the second floor of Nagoya Parco.

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