If you were following GoNintendo back in the days when the DS was Nintendo’s hot, new system, you might remember rumblings of a new Boy and His Blob game for the platform. The project was officially announced and even made an E3 appearance, but the title vanished soon thereafter.

Following some negative feedback to hands-on sessions and the visuals, the decision was made to scrap the project. That’s why A Boy and His Blob never released on DS, but what happened to the game’s prototype? Well, 15 years later, not one, but two different builds of the game have been dug up.

Did You Know Gaming took on the painstaking process of hunting down someone tied to the project in order to see if the prototype could be salvaged. Thankfully, some bits and pieces from the game’s original development did survive, and you can see what’s been unearthed in the video above.

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