Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma was first released on the Nintendo 3DS back in 2016, and since then, we have not seen a release of the soundtrack for the game, not officially at least. However, that is about to change as Sweep Record has revealed that they will be releasing an official soundtrack for the game on September 23rd, 2022, in Japan, priced at 3,960 yen (about $29 USD). The album will include 57 tracks and a bonus of 6 previously unreleased tracks, alongside a 6-page booklet featuring comments from the director, Kotaro Uchikoshi.

You can pre-order your copy here starting from September 9th.

Full Tracklist (via perfectly Nintendo):

Disc C

  1. Tick Down 2 .Powder Keg 3 I.terant Anxiousness
  2. Perpetual Trepidation
  3. Profound Divulgation
  4. Transient Tranquility
  5. Tortuous Idolum
  6. Zero Times
  7. Extreme Extrication
  8. Paranoia Kicks
  9. Erstwhile Placidity
  10. Termless Consternation
  11. Grisly Dubiety
  12. Forlorn Precipitation
  13. Looming Portentousness
  14. Persistent Ominousness
  15. Insistent Sinisterness
  16. Morphogenetic Sorrow -Piano-
  17. Perdurable Clarification
  18. Interminable Dilemma -Alt-

Disc Q

  1. Ustulate Pathos
  2. Cuddly Ferrum
  3. Creepy Decision
  4. Anathematic Decision
  5. Tough Decision
  6. Ambidex Game
  7. Nostalgic Scenery
  8. Primordial Strain -Alt-
  9. Insistent Sinisterness -Alt-
  10. Puzzling Riddle
  11. Ruthful Confession
  12. Unquenchable Fuse
  13. Primordial Strain
  14. Stygian Subterrane
  15. Gnawed Spinal
  16. Mercurial Bard
  17. Martian Isolation
  18. Extreme Urgency
  19. Glacial Solitude
  20. Sacrificial Demise

Disc D

  1. Cardiac Gloom
  2. Contaminative Cull
  3. Bogue Solace
  4. Scattered Scare
  5. Misty Coffin
  6. Devastating Sphere
  7. Dying Dice
  8. Ustulate Pathos -Record-
  9. Unliberated Library
  10. Trash Disposal
  11. Quondam Monitors
  12. Jelly Jeopardy
  13. Trans Ancientry
  14. Aqua Arcanum
  15. Rusty Reminiscence
  16. Blue Bird Lamentation -Orchestra-
  17. Interminable Dilemma

Bonus Tracks

  1. Mind Blank
  2. Morphogenetic Sorrow
  3. Fragmented Folie
  4. Sacrificial Demise -Alt-
  5. Profound Divulgation -Alt-
  6. Bogue Solace -Alt-

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