Plenty of people were very excited to see Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition heading to multiple platforms, Switch included. Unfortunately, once the game was released, fans were quick to complain about a number of issues. Somehow, it seemed this Enhanced Edition of the 1997 classic was in rougher shape than the original.

PCGamesN has spoke to Nightdive’s director of business development, Larry Kuperman, and Dimitris Giannakis, the lead producer on Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition, to find out just what happened. It seems one of the bigger issues stemmed from the team’s decision not to delay the game, and instead stick with a release that would coincide with the 40th anniversary of the movie. Looking back, the team now sees that skipping the annversary date and delaying in the name of quality would have been a better decision.

Kuperman took things a step further by saying that ‘human issues’ also led to the game’s poor state at launch. These issues included logistics, the lead producer moving across country, and the impact of the pandemic.

“If anyone thinks that there was ever a decision, that we sat around a table and said we’re going to ship a game that’s not up to our Nightdive standards – because of economic reasons, because of indifference on our part, or any of those things – that didn’t happen. The root causes of this going out were in great measure because of human issues. And I can’t say that if we had pushed it off a couple of months that things would have been better. We could have had a monkey pox epidemic. These are just the things that happen.”

Since Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition’s release. Nightdive has been releasing patches to fix things up. More patches are on the way as well, and hopefully the game will at some point be worthy of the ‘Enhanced Edition’ moniker.

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2y ago

I know for Steam they included the original version, I wish they would do the same for the Switch. I was wanting to buy it from LRG but didn't because of the issues.

The Switch version probably won't ship from LRG for at least six to twelve months after pre-orders close. It is highly likely that the version that LRG ships will have a patched version of the game on the cartridge.