Subset Games have brought the multi award-winning Into the Breach to Switch, and with great success. Countless players have picked the game up and lost hundreds of hours to the experience. This kind of addictive gameplay is nothing new for longtime fans of Subset Games, as they’ve felt that same pull through another of the company’s games, FTL.

FTL launched back in 2012, but players would still like to see the game hop over to Switch. The team at Subset has thought about this as well, but they keep hitting on one stumbling block; controls.

In an interview with TouchArcade, Subset Games says the touch screen on the Switch would be just fine for gameplay, but they simply can’t figure out a way to make a docked version work.

The issue with Switch is less with the screen size and more with the input method. We never found a satisfactory way to manage crew members with a controller. Touch controls on switch would likely be viable, but we wouldn’t want to have a suboptimal input method for TV-mode.

[Subset Games]

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