Publisher XSEED Games has launched Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle Legendary Edition, a special bundle containing the strategic card battle game and the “Mythical Cards Premium Pass + 10 Levels” downloadable content, digitally on eShop for $29.99. The “Mythical Cards Premium Pass +10 Levels” downloadable content allows players to unlock Mythical Cards, Card Sleeves, Rupies, and more as they level up their battle pass. The DLC also instantly grants players 10 levels toward the Mythical Cards Premium Pass.

In Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle, players take the role of a transfer student to Tensei Academy, where they are quickly introduced to the Shadowverse card game by their classmate, Hiro Ryugasaki. The new friends team up with Shadowverse club president (and only member) Rei on a quest to master the popular card battle game and protect the club from the threat of disbandment by winning the national championship.

Throughout their adventures, players will be able to explore unique locations around the school and surrounding town, where events and encounters await in the least expected places. Team up with new friends, battle to become the national champions, and save the Shadowverse club from getting shut down!

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