Ever wanted to change the color of your N64, but you didn’t want to pony up the cash for a paint job? The gang at Trogg Tech is looking to offer a new solution with their N64 shells, and you can help them release this project via Kickstarter.

Trogg Tech is looking to liven up the N64 with a series of new colors for the system. The team is planning 4 single-color shells, 2 two-tone shells and 2 limited editions shells, and you can have input on what they create. The team will run a poll with 7 single-color options and 5 two-tone options. Based on the results, they will choose the top 4 single-color and top 2 two-tone designs to produce for the first run.

Trogg plans on matching the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) finish and quality as closely as possible, and they are working with a factory that has experience with retro gaming-related products to achieve this. That said, there will be a handful of differences between the original N64 shell and this new version.

  • the top logo will be missing
  • Internal Cartridge Support will be region free and will match external shell color in most cases
  • Rear Digital Output Shroud and Main Lower Shell are slightly modified to allow easy-to-cut HD mod support

If this all sounds good to you, you can help Trogg release these shells by hitting their Kickstarter goal. The target sits at $30k right now, and you can donate some funds here.

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