Splatoon 3 to save player data (gear, rank, ect.) via online server

Your Splatoon 3 progress is safe with Nintendo

10 August 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Nintendo shared a Splatoon 3 Direct earlier today, which was jam-packed with fresh details on the upcoming threequel. As usual, Nintendo shared even more information about the game after the Direct, and a particularly interesting detail about save data came from the game’s official website.

Nintendo has revealed that online Splatoon 3 data—like player level, ranks, items, and gear—is automatically stored in a server and connected to each player’s Nintendo Account. When it comes to progress in areas like Story Mode, which doesn’t require an internet connection, that will be stored via the Save Data Cloud Backup service included in Nintendo Switch Online subscriptions. Finally, Nintendo also revealed that you can play on multiple Switch systems if your user account is tied to your Nintendo Account.

It’s pretty interesting to see Nintendo move a big bulk of Splatoon 3’s save data to the server-side of things. That should hopefully give players even more confidence that their gear and more will be safe, and should something happen to a Switch unit, players can hop back into the game without worry of losing their progression.

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