Bullet-hell shmup 'SHINORUBI' heads to Switch in 2023

Good luck keeping track of the action

10 August 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Publisher Red Art Games and developer Last Boss 88 have announced that their bullet-hell shmup SHINORUBI is heading to Switch sometime in 2023. A new trailer has been shared along with this announcement, and you can give it a watch above.

Inspired by classic Japanese shooting games, SHINORUBI is a pure dose of adrenaline and frenetic arcade action with all the best aspects of Japanese bullet hell games, optimized for modern hardware, all in a polished, accessible with many levels of difficulties.

SHINORUBI offers a fast-paced arcade action pack with great replayability thanks to the many available difficulty levels, arrange modes, different spaceships, online leaderboards and achievements. This is also one of a rarest vertical shooter entirely designed and optimized for widescreen monitors!

You can get full details on SHINORUBI via the press release below.


Complete all 5 levels with 3 starting lives to pass the 1CC (credit clear) challenge. You may add a few credits to help you to finish the game. 5 difficulty levels, including the easy mode with auto-bomb, or enemy shoots being canceled if you manage to destroy the shooter.


Fight only Bosses! Choose from 3 levels of difficulty.


The scoring system is based on several parameters that provide you with point multipliers. Survive the barrage of enemy fire, destroy your enemies and collect stars and medals. All this while using your bombs as little as possible.


A world wide leaderboard for each game modes, a personal leaderboard with all your scores per mode.


When your FEVER charge bar is full, it automatically triggers to cancel enemy shots on screen and improve your points. The side effects are boosted weaponry and improved bonus stars when you destroy your enemies.

SHIELD: Use a shield to protect against the enemy bullets. CANCEL: Destroy marked spaceships to clear all shots on the screen. LASER / SHOT: Alternate between laser and classic shots only when it is told! JOURNEY: Get ready for a long journey with several game loops. PINK PIG: Collect those pesky pigs before they left the screen while shooting the enemies. SUPER RANK: The better your play, the higher the difficulty will change.

Select a pilot and his spaceship with unique weapons and characteristics among the 3 already available.

For 1000 years, the BAÄA family has reigned as despots on planet SHINORUBI. This planet is the source of the “R-R” substance which offers infinite power and exceptional longevity to its owners. For 150 years, the king of SHINORUBI, R.LOYD III, and his 6 sons have gone to war across space against the TRADDESS and ZOOGT empires, leaving his cruel daughter Nemesis and 5 generals to guard the planet.

A unique alliance of 8 experienced mercenaries will attempt to put an end to the dictatorship of the BAÄA family and its hold on the “R-R” compound by taking advantage of a singularity of the planet SHINORUBI which takes place once every thousand years. The endless night is coming on Kaddin, the capital of SHINORUBI, as spaceships are approaching.

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