Developer Newcore Games has revealed that they’re bringing their 2.5D action platformer The Devil Within: Satgat to the Switch sometime in 2023. You can see the debut trailer for this game above.

The Devil Within: Satgat is a 2.5D stylish action adventure that follows the journey of an Eastern warrior infected with demonic blood. Dig into the secrets of a ruined world while taking down enemies in stylish action sequences.

With the mysterious arrival of the Black Stone Tower, the once peaceful world of Joseon was changed forever. The energy emitting from the tower initially brought prosperity to the lands, but as the power grew, evil spirits emerged and took over the living. Mighty warriors tried to stop the invasion by destroying the tower, but an unfortunate betrayal led to their failure.

The world has been destroyed, and most living beings have become evil spirits that wander from place to place. Play as Rip Kim, a mysterious warrior who’s the last of his kind. Only he can find and guide the lost souls, who may still have humanity, to a resting place.

It’s up to you to eliminate the demons that have crawled into this world. Fight powerful demons with the use of swordsmanship and shooting skills that you upgrade throughout the game. Only the strongest humans can survive the battle and save mankind.

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