July was another successful month for gaming, as multiple big-name games made their way to all sorts of platforms, Switch included. Wondering what those in the UK were eager to pick up? The top 20 for July 2022 in the UK has been revealed, and you can see the full rundown below.

Please note that any game with an asterisk next to its name means that digital sales data wasn’t included.


As far as consoles go, 104,000 units in general were sold across the UK last month, marking a 16% drop month-on-month. While we don’t have the sales figures for each platform, we do know that Switch was the #1 console in the UK for July 2022.

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2y ago

Looking at the games on that list, the sales can't have been massive. Like how many copies did F1 and Lego Star Wars sell, and especially GTA5 and FIFA 22? And while hardware sales are down, it could be in part because you can't buy a PS5 there.