There are certain tricks in games that players believe to be impossible for real-life people. Things you see computer programs pull off during speedruns, but they could never be achieved by humans. Well, at least that’s what we thought in the case of one Super Mario Bros. trick.

There’s one particular trick found in World 4-2 of Super Mario Bros that results in Mario glitching through a row of blocks, which gives him a quick push through the level. This move was performed time and time again by a speedrunning program, but never a human. Many thought the move was simply too precise for a human to pull off, but that’s no longer the case.

Speedrunner Tole has now performed the trick, proving that humans are indeed capable of the feat. There’s no computers or slick editing at play here. Tole pulled off the glitch through his own skill and spot-on timing. While it might seem like a massive amount of work to achieve such a minor glitch, speedrunning fans know that every frame counts, especially in a game like Super Mario Bros..


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2y ago

That's one small jump for Mario, one giant leap for mankind.


2y ago

The Perfect frame rule away.