Last week we got some big announcements surrounding this year’s new Pokemon game, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, including the new addition of Terastal Pokemon. These new types of Pokemon appear to be made of gems, which boost the moves of their tera type. In more rare occurrences, terastalizing can allow a Pokemon to even gain a new typing. These Pokemon can appear in Terastal Raid Battles, which we now know include music composed by Toby Fox!

Check out the tweet above to hear a small snippet of the track featured in last weeks Pokemon Presents. If you aren’t familiar with Toby’s amazing work on both the Undertale and Deltarune soundtrack, rest easy knowing this isn’t Toby Fox’s first time composing for Pokemon, as he also composed music for Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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2y ago

Well this at least means that I'm going to hear his music more often than in Sword/Shield.