Aquiris Game Studio has revealed that a new free “Adventures” mode for Horizon Chase Turbo is available now in a new update to celebrate Horizon Chase’s 7th anniversary. Details about this free update are shown in the trailer above.

New Game Mode: Adventures - A new challenge awaits behind each unlocked car!

  • Adds a new Game Mode: Adventures.

A new challenge awaits behind each unlocked car! Adventures offers plenty of content, totalling an average of 8 hours of gameplay and it works in the following way:

  1. Each time a new car is unlocked in the classic World Tour mode, a set of 5 tracks will become available composing a new Adventure to get through. When the player completes all the tracks of each adventure, one exclusive skin is unlocked.
  2. The player needs to unlock all the cars in the World Tour to be able to access the 34 Adventures, once the 5 races of each adventure are won, the special skin for the car associated with that adventure will be unlocked.
  • Removes a Game Mode: Playgrounds (replaced by Adventures)
  • Provides various improvements
  • Provides various bug fixes

During the month of August, we are celebrating the seven years of the original release of Horizon Chase!

Horizon Chase Turbo is available right now on Nintendo Switch.

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