XEL, the 3D sci-fi fantasy action-adventure game from developer Tiny Roar and publisher Assemble Entertainment, has been updated to Version 1.0.4 on Switch. It’s also been announced that more bug fixes, improvements, enhancements, and more will be released in the coming weeks. Check out the patch notes for the update below.


  • Added Controller Customization
  • Add Elder Dialogue Options before entering the final part of the game


  • Fixed button prompts
  • Fixed snacks get consumed twice
  • Fixed Shirl Shop UI issues
  • Fixed wrong quest marker after getting the shield
  • Fixed inconsistency with highlighting of options on using Minus and Plus buttons to open Inventory and Systems menu.
  • Fixed Screen Settings visuals
  • Fixed Minimap getting stuck
  • Fixed Crafting UI navigation issues (Keyboard)
  • Fixed: Graphic settings get selected incorrectly
  • Fixed: Title fails to save the Audio Settings after restarting the game.
  • Fixed: Exit Button in Menu not visible
  • Fixed: Snacks under Inventory shows No Data.
  • Fixed: Glacial Glades’ Door won’t open / can’t interact with terminal
  • Fixed: “Learn More” Button in News Post UI opens Discord-Link six times
  • Fixed: Upgrade Flowers glow even though they are already collected
  • Fixed: Paradox Apex clones despawn too late
  • Fixed: Desmond walks into unloaded area while the needle eye cutscene is playing
  • Fixed: Death in time travel zone
  • Fixed: Black screen on loading
  • Fixed collider issue in Area 05
  • Fixed skipping Item near Divide
  • Fixed collider issue in Dungeon 02
  • Fixed controls work when the game runs in background
  • Fixed Desmond’s name is shown as “???” in Needle Eye after his name has been revealed
  • Fixed missing collision in Bog
  • Fixed getting hit by the Overseer’s teleport-laser in paradox fight disables the map
  • Fixed collider issue in Xelot Hideout
  • Fixed white stamina bar
  • Fixed Campsite not being implemented properly
  • Fixed: NPC Riff Raff without sound
  • Fixed: Desmond appears too early in the Elder Dialogue after returning from the Science Station
  • Fixed: Paradox Apex creates clones while being stunned
  • Fixed extra stamina for picking up a second stamina upgrade
  • Fixed overlapping Terminals in Science Station
  • Fixed some missing VOs on NPCs
  • Fixed Jump-Yeet in The Wilds
  • Fixed zap-traps (and flamethrower) get regenerated way too quickly, and unlimited use
  • Fixed Speed Gum Effect slows down player when it runs out
  • Fixed: Infected Soldiers in Science Station can talk now.
  • Fixed: Entering the Xelot Base from the alternate route plays the wrong music
  • Fixed: Two highlighters are observed while loading an old save in the Load/Save menu of the game.
  • Fixed: Chest is unreachable in past
  • Fixed: Upgraded Snare has no Icon and multiple Items selected
  • Fixed: Golden chip visually wrong
  • Fixed: Max hearts are clipping into other UI
  • Fixed: Warden is named Warden in German
  • Fixed German name for Apex predator
  • Fixed the crate in the roots in The Wilds
  • Fixed: Not all stamina upgrades got saved
  • Fixes lots of small sound issues
  • Fixed lots of additional collision/clipping issues.
  • Various “getting stuck” or “falling through map” fixes.
  • Many Loca Tweaks and Fixes, too many to list here in detail.
  • Audio Settings fixed.
  • Resolution and Quality Settings improved.
  • Removed Freeze Frames on Hit/finishing of enemies.
  • More Key Items correctly displayed in inventory.
  • Minor Map and UI Fixes.
  • Sound Improvements.

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