A second behind-the-scenes video for SunnySide has been released, and this one takes a deep dive into the building mechanics the game has to offer.

In SunnySide, everything in your farm and home can be customized and built just to your liking. Whether you gather resources ahead of the big build, or use Hiro’s handy ABA (Aerial Building Assistant) to plan and design your homestead ahead of time. The video above shows off the ABA in action, and gives a nice overview of building in general.

Sunny Side is a narrative-driven farming and life sim, with elements of combat and exploration sprinkled in. You’ve just purchased your first plot of land in an aging post town in the heart of the Japanese countryside. Now it’s up to you to create a homestead to be proud of. Build your new life and modernize your farming experience with new technology, grow crops, care for livestock and utilize technology to tend to your farm for you. Build the life you want, from your avatar, your homestead and your phone screen, to your buildings, layouts and decorations. Become a part of the community and form new bonds, join groups, attend events, and maybe even find someone special to share your days with.

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