The next Arcade Archives title is 1987's Wonder Momo

We were wondering what it would be...

18 March 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 4

The next title in Hamster’s Arcade Archives title has been revealed. The 1987 beat’em-up Wonder Momo will be heading to the Switch soon; a title that was also released on the Virtual Console back in the day.

Namco’s Wonder Momo was loosely inspired by the Ultraman series, and it follows the superpowered Momo as she beats up all sorts of monsters and creatures along her journey. The neat part is that Momo is actually just an actress, and you’re playing through a stage show, rather than a quest to save the world.

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2y ago

I wonder if there will be another Namco Museum that will have games like this in the collection. For now, Wonder Momo will go on my wishlist.

Also can't wait for Hamster to release more games from the 90s. So far it has been mostly 80s, but they have done a few from outside that decade.


2y ago


I'm obviously a bit out of the loop with Arcade Archives titles over the last year. I need to dig in and see what else they've included. I'm always down for classic arcade titles!


2y ago

Oh, this reminded me of the cartoon, that reminded me in turn of the awesome Bravoman cartoon… I still have the opening song in my playlist rotation.
“I don’t wanna be a hero,
I just want to do something right,
Stretch it out and bring the fight!”
I miss Shifty Look so much.

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Good luck with that. One year means 52 more games.
I actually own them all and try to keep track of 'em with my page. ...I still forget which games came out and which not.
2021 got some pretty nice stuff though. Here are some of best from last year and early 2022:
Crime Fighters & Crime Fighters 2
Thunder Cross II
Bio-ship Paladin
USAAF Mustang
Mappy & Hopping Mappy
Black Heart
Mirai Ninja

Lots of Shoot 'Em Ups like usual.

Special mention goes to Pistol Daimyo no Bōken. Not because it is a good game but because how utterly weird it is.