Picross S8 comes to Switch Fall 2022

Picrossing our paths later this year

11 August 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 2

Somehow haven’t gotten enough Picross action on the Switch? While that seems impossible, who am I to judge? If you want more Picross, then you deserve it! The good news is that another round of Picross action isn’t too far off.

Jupiter, the kings of Picross games on the Switch, have announced that their next official installment is on the way. Picross S8 is indeed in the works, and we can expect it to release on Switch sometime in Fall 2022.

Wondering what Picross S8 is going to offer? Jupiter hasn’t shared specifics yet, but we’re willing to bet it’s going to include a ton of Picross puzzles to work through! As for extra features, we’ll just have to hang tight and see what’s shared at a later date.

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Comments (2)


2y ago

I was starting to wonder when the next one was coming! Day one for me!


2y ago

At this point, I'd only jump at a newer Picross 3D.
I find it's much chaper to clear every puzzle, just erase it all and come back to it a couple of months later.