Roll7 says 'never say never' to a NOT A HERO follow-up

So you're saying there's a chance...

18 March 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 1

Roll7 is definitely more well-known for their OlliOlli franchise, but they also released the fantastic 2D cover-based shooter, NOT A HERO. That title came to Switch back in 2018, and in an interview with Sportskeeda, we learn that Roll7 might revisit the franchise in the future.

When Roll7’s John Ribbins was asked about a potential future for the NOT A HERO franchise, it does seem like there’s a chance the team would return to that world for something new, albeit a slight chance. Check out Ribbins’ full statement below.

We’d never say never. We definitely took a lot of what we learned about making wacky, quirky characters and worlds from Not A Hero to help create OlliOlli World. So I think that influence is definitely still being felt!

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2y ago

I can only hope. That game was perfectly challenging and oozing with dark humor.