Mojang has released a new dev vlog for Minecraft, and this one gives us a detailed look at the Deep Dark, which was introduced in Version 1.19 of the game.

Welcome to a Deep Dark deep dive, courtesy of Marco, Pouya, and Gnembon! Join them as they examine all the horrors and wonders that were added to this biome in Minecraft 1.19. Shining a light on sculk blocks, ancient cities, and even the warden will not only give you new insights, but a lot of helpful tips too! And if you’re going down there, you’re going to need all the help you can get.

The Deep Dark will take you on a perilous subterranean journey where you can marvel at the mysterious sculk, and get lost in the sprawling ancient cities. It’s recommended that you keep quiet while exploring, as you don’t want to attract the nasties hiding in the depths!

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