SEGA started releasing gameplay videos and trailers for Sonic Frontiers a few weeks back, and they even had a hands-on demo at select events. All of this content led to a portion of the Sonic fanbase requesting that SEGA delay Sonic Frontiers in order to up the quality of the game.

Since those calls for a delay came out, SEGA has said a few times that they won’t be pushing the game back. Now that same question came up yet again, but this time it was asked following SEGA’s most recent financial report. This question was answered by Sega Sammy’s Senior EVP Koichi Fukazawa and EVP Makoto Takahashi, and they made it extremely clear that Sonic Frontiers isn’t going to be delayed.

“We do not consider postponing the launch at this point. Within the communication with users, we intend to reflect the parts that can be reflected within the development timeline and to build empathy with users. Sonic IP is a mainstay title we will sell over the long term in the future, and we will continue to strengthen it in the next fiscal year onwards as well.”

[Sega Sammy's Senior EVP Koichi Fukazawa and EVP Makoto Takahashi]

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2y ago

Sounds like he's saying that if there's any issues with the game, they will be dealt with post launch, but they won't be delaying the game, regardless.


2y ago

Ok SEGA. Release the game when people warned you that it would be bad. Release it when you were warned that the game could use a delay.

Nobody is hyped about this and no one cares about it unless you do SEGA...just saying...